What Is Glamping?

What is glamping? I wondered what on earth glamping was the first time I heard it.  I really had no idea. But actually, it’s a very simple concept.

Glamping in it’s simplest form is glamourous camping (glamourous + camping = glamping).

glamping tent in sunshine with what is glamping text over the top

What does that even mean? Well, essentially, glamping provides you with the opportunity to get back to nature, experience the great outdoors, without the need to give up on everyday luxuries (like perhaps you would if you were regular camping).

What Type Of Accommodation Is Glamping?

The range of accommodation types is actually quite wide – really anything that involves being amongst nature can be classed as glamping. Think yurts, treehouses, safari tents, gypsy wagons, cabins, tiny houses, airstreams  – the list is pretty endless.

treehouse in the woods on a glamping site

What you should expect to find in any glamping property is a bed – which is what really sets it apart from traditional camping, where you are more likely to be sleeping either on the floor, or at most, an inflatable air bed.

What Facilities Do Glamping Sites Usually Have?

Some glamping accommodations have their own bathroom and kitchens, whereas others use shared communal facilities. The best glamping sites will provide you with a super comfy bed and luxury bedding.

Forget having to get warm and snuggly in a damp sleeping bag – think crisp cotton sheets, and hotel style pillows.

inside a luxury glamping tent with amazing views

Some of the luxury safari style tents will sometimes have proper boarded floors, wood burning stoves, electricity – and more often than not, a fabulous view that you won’t be able to drag yourself away from.

Part of the allure of glamping is the opportunity to completely immerse yourself in the natural outdoor world, away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

It’s the chance to completely switch off from busy everyday lives and go off and experience the magic of being surrounded by mother nature.

Most glamping sites will also set their accommodation quite far apart – if they have more than one glamping unit – so that you really are alone and away from it all.

Where Can You Go Glamping?

Pretty much anywhere. You don’t necessarily have to travel for miles away from your home to experience the special effects of glamping.

As the popularity of glamping has grown over the years, so have the various destinations that you can glamp.

If you live in a busy big city such as London, or even New York, there are plenty of glamping sites within easy reach. In fact glamping near London is especially easy with amazingly ‘wow’ glamping sites within an easy 1 hour train or car journey.

Likewise, you can also go and find some glamping destinations that really are set in the ‘wilderness,’ such as glamping in Snowdonia, Wales, or one of the many national parks around the globe.

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